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Veteran Events Management

Veteran Events Management, Inc.; is a veteran owned, Richmond, VA based, events management company dedicated to providing fundraising assistance to nonprofit organizations that benefit Military Veterans, First Responders and their families.  Twelve-and-a-half million Americans have served in the Military or as First Responders. This equates to less than 4% of the population in the United States that take on the daily mission of providing for the safety and security to our nation.  It is our mission at Veteran Events Management, Inc. to provide quality products, services and through unforgettable events recognize and honor the sacrifices made by our service members, law enforcement, firefighters, rescue personnel and their families are not forgotten.

“You’ve never lived until you’ve almost died.  For those who have fought for it life has a flavor the protected shall never know.” 

-Guy de Maupassant, 19th Century Writer and Military Volunteer




Guy de Maupassant’s words speak of the soldier’s unique experience that others cannot understand; a perspective that Veteran Events Management, Inc. is founded on the principles of Duty, Honor, Sacrifice and Respect. Today our battle lines are not clearly defined; our enemies hide in the shadows and the battleground remains fluid, placing not only our Military Service Members but our First Responders on the front lines as we continue to fight the War on Terror.  Now more than ever we need to recognize the sacrifices being made by those who protect and serve the American public.  Become a Corporate Partner with Veteran Events Management, Inc. and contribute to our mission of providing support to our Military Veterans, First Responders and their families.

Benefiting Charities